What we do

The Community Foundation Wakefield District is an independent charity, set up in 2007, to support people across Wakefield and the Five Towns. 

Through the funds raised via The Community Give Box, the donations we redistribute and our grants, we:

  • Support households struggling with fuel poverty
  • Provide funding for local community projects 
  • Help local businesses survive and thrive 
  • Recognise the extraordinary contributions of local volunteers at our annual Unsung Heroes Awards

Why we do it

We bring together people who want to help their local community with projects that make a real difference.

The Wakefield District covers a large geographic area and has much to be proud of; however, there are still major pockets of deprivation. A 2019 report from Public Health England showed: 

  • Wakefield is one of the 20% most deprived districts/unitary authorities in England.
  • About 19.2% (12,075) children in Wakefield live in low income families. 
  • Life expectancy for both men and women in Wakefield is lower than the England average.

The Community Foundation Wakefield District works to target these areas through fundraising, grants and community projects.

How we do it

As well as raising funds through The Community Give Box and our annual fuel poverty campaign, we rely on the generosity of businesses and individuals who care about where they live and work and want to ‘give something back’.

An important part of the Community Foundation’s role is to engage in debate about policy development, social action and other areas where we have experience and knowledge.

Hundreds of charities and voluntary groups work across the district to address inequalities. We invest in these groups and help communities thrive via our grants programmes.

We share your passion for supporting people and causes in need of help. There are so many good causes locally, it can be hard to know where to lend your support. We work with local groups to understand their needs, helping them deliver lasting change and have the greatest impact. 

  • We make local donating simple
  • We work with our funded groups to measure and report on the impact of each grant
  • Our expert knowledge and years of experience, means that we can provide you with all the information you need, to ensure you are making a LOCAL difference
  • You can support the local community in which you live and work, and can visit the projects you support to see for yourself the positive impact that they are having.

We improve lives, unite the people of Wakefield District and aim to be a force for good.

What is a Community Foundation? 

There are many Community Foundations across the UK helping individuals, families, companies, charitable trusts and public sector bodies to support and invest in their local communities. They address a wide range of issues and provide funding for our communities through ‘grassroots’ charities and community groups. 

Community Foundations encourage philanthropy in a geographical area by raising money to build an endowment fund to award grants from investment income and other funds to tackle disadvantages.