1. Grants for your community

If you meet our basic eligibility requirements in the ‘Who Can Apply’ section, then please take a look at the current funds available to see if one meets your needs.  Don’t forget to check the closing dates. Please note, some funds will have additional criteria that you will need to meet.

2. Your application

We have an online application form that you will need to complete, which can be found on the grant pages here.

This is where you tell us all about your project, why it will benefit the community and if it meets the specific criteria for that grant.

We will also ask for the following documents to carry out due diligence on your organisation:

  • A copy of your governing document (e.g. constitution, memorandum & articles or set of rules)
  • A copy of your most recent annual accounts or management accounts
  • A photocopy of a bank statement no more than 3 months old. The bank account must be in the name of the organisation applying
  • Copies of your safeguarding and equal opportunities policies

If you require a different application method, please contact Diane Hall on 01924 239 181 or email grants@wakefieldcf.org.uk.

3. Reviewing your application

We will review your application and also to carry out the following due diligence checks:

  • Does your organisation and project meet the priorities of the grant programme?
  • Are the finance and governing documents in good order?
  • Does your group have the capacity to deliver the project?
  • What is your track record in delivering similar projects?
  • Does the project make sense in terms of what you want to do and when?
  • Does the budget look reasonable?

We may contact you if more information is needed to support your application.

4. The decision

Our Grants Panel usually meet within 8 weeks of the grant programme’s application deadline. The panel, which is made up of independent advisors and members from our Board of Trustees, will decide whether or not to award your project a grant, based on your proposal and supporting information.

5. Notification

We will let you know if your application is successful by email, usually within 8 weeks from the application deadline.

If successful, we will email you with:

  • A Funding Agreement to sign and return to us
  • A promotion toolkit with our logos to use
  • Your monitoring form with instructions on what is required

If you have been unsuccessful, then we will contact you to inform you of this decision, together with any available feedback from the grants panel. Often our programmes are oversubscribed, so if you have been unsuccessful this could simply mean there was a lack of available funding.

6. Grants awarded

If you are successful and meet all the necessary conditions we have specified, then we will require a signed copy of the Funding Agreement before payment can be made.  A hard copy is preferable but during the pandemic a scanned or electronic signature document will be accepted

Payment will then be made within 3 weeks of these documents being returned correctly.

7. Your project

You can get started with your project. All applicants are required to use the provided fund logos within any promotional literature, websites or media activities.

We always welcome any photos, quotes or updates along the way and can help spread any stories across our social media channels.

If you do encounter any problems delivering your project, please do tell us when they occur.

8. Monitoring, evaluation and review

Throughout the duration of the grant, we work with you to monitor and evaluate your project. This helps to ensure you achieve what you set out to do and helps us to provide evidence of impact when working to secure new funds.