#Challenge25 – Thank you everyone

Each year the Fuel Poverty Campaign, Give the Gift of Warmth, raises money to help provide emergency winter fuel grants to individuals and families struggling to pay their fuel bills. In the Wakefield District there are hundreds of people still living in fuel poverty. People who spend every hour in bed just to keep warm and families that have to choose between eating and heating their homes.

The campaign raises money through a mixture of donations and pledges via the Big Give Christmas Challenge and this year we also launched Challenge 25! The idea behind Challenge 25 came about because the average emergency winter fuel grant is £25, which provides an immediate benefit to individuals and families in crisis during winter.

Last year, due to the generosity of the public and business community we were able to help over 800 families keep warm and this year we are aiming for over 1,000. We appealed to colleagues, friends and families to get on board with Challenge 25, and to fundraise in whichever way they fancied, just as long as it was safe and legal!

We have been delighted with the response and at the time of writing this news update the majority of the teams had completed their challenge or were nearing the end and collectively on target to raise over £10,000! This amount, together with the £14,000 raised via the Big Give Christmas Challenge, means we are getting nearer each day to reach the overall target of £25,000!

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all the wonderful Challenge 25 teams and to WDH and Wakefield Council for their generous pledges towards the Big Give Christmas Challenge. But most importantly, a big thank you to all that have donated to the campaign, whether it is to support a team or to donate directly, we are very grateful and through your generosity we are able to help the vulnerable keep warm this winter!

If you haven’t yet donated and would like to do so please visit www.justgiving.com/campaign/Challenge-25

Thank you!