#Challenge25 – Diane Hall wears 25 hats

Diane Hall is wearing a different hat every day for 25 days to raise money for Challenge 25.

Diane said “I wanted to be a part of this campaign as I believe no one should have to choose between feeding their family and heating their homes, but this is becoming more and more common, due to rising inflation and the escalation of fuel prices. However, I’m no marathon runner, so what could I do that involved the number 25?

I have four jobs, various freelancing clients and a business, too. I wear many hats, as they say. Many hats. So, I thought, why not actually wear many hats throughout the campaign – as I go to work, to the supermarket, put petrol in, operate Mum’s taxi. The endurance is not physical, but I am enduring the humiliation of the general public thinking I’ve lost my grip on reality as I nip out for bread wearing a fez, or as I try and have a professional meeting with a latex turtle mask on.”